Paul Chaney is a content marketing, social media and social commerce consultant, freelance writer, speaker and author.

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8 Ways to Make Your Business More ‘Human’ on Facebook

June 1, 2015 • Paul Chaney. Print; Comment 2 Comments .... get to know you, the trust that will accrue as a result could, in turn, lead to sales. Paul Chaney...

About Us

Paul Chaney is a former Internet marketing consultant and, previously, a longtime contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce. He is a sought-after speaker and ......

Amway Execs Call Company the 'Original Social Network' | Social ...

Based on comments from two executives, direct selling behemoth Amway thinks of itself as a "social network" that existed long before the advent of the Internet. During a recent interview with Forbe...

Bare Bones Social Media Marketing

How do you manage social media when you have little time or money? All too often that is the situation in which merchants find themselves. Faced with many demands, merchants oftentimes have little time or money to engage on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Consumers Trust E-Commerce Websites More Than Social Networks

When it comes to social networks, rather than use these outlets to broadcast and advertise, it's best to create engaging content that consumers - fans and followers - will value and appreciate.

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Content Curation and the Future of Digital Publishing

If you're like me you are inundated with a constant stream of content from social networks. There is a huge need for streamlining that firehose of information to something more digestible.In o

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Content Marketing for Small Business, Part 1

Effective marketing in the digital age mandates that you create engaging content for your customers, prospects, and social network fans and followers to consume.

Content Marketing for Small Business, Part 2

Have niche topic content sites become the new standard for marketing in the digital age? If the answer is yes, then how can small businesses limited by budget and personnel make use of this approach? Or, can they at all?